From Rookie to Wizards

Want to know why there are new ways of doing business in real estate? These are not invented just to say we have new tricks.  Some may say there are old ways and new ways of dealing with property buyers or renters.  Like there is a big battle between the two. I would say the new ways and approach are the more improved practices for seamless transactions that would add value and benefits to clients.  These new ways are established from the basic fundamentals.  The basic fundamentals are enhanced to cater the needs of clients and deliver excellent service.

Here we go…


Simple to chaotic…

Real estate transactions were viewed as a very simple process in the past. As the number of paperworks and transactions increases, dealing with real estate has become chaotic.  This problem results to the discovery that estate agent becomes mandatory.  This results to the development and rise of brokers or real estate agents. A deal from just a conversation between the seller and the buyer evolved to estate agents doing all the work from groundwork to finalization. Estate agents became a very valuable resource to finalize the deal. Basic and fundamental knowledge is still there, it evolved to even more efficient and strategic expertise.


Rise of the Machines…

And then came the internet, this greatly impact the way buyers shop for properties and the way estate agents’ market these properties. Leading to new techniques to balance the basic style and the new technology.  Buyers used to just look for the property finder section of the local newspapers.  Choose what they like and call their agents for an appointment or go to the open house advertised in the newspaper. Estate agents would just as well do door to door visits, calls, and open houses every weekend. As the buyers embrace the “internet”, they look at online ads first and check the daily updates they receive from agents. This saves their time and gives them more choices. The estate agents learned to become more engaged and involved through internet marketing and direct marketing to prospective buyers, buyers and sellers.  They combined both strategies to use social media, websites, blogs, etc.; as well as print newsletters, postcards campaign, local ads, signage and alike.

The real estate’s industry has evolved and improved since its debut in the early times. It will continue to progress and develop as time goes by but these changes will not impact the industry in a negative way.

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